all about… mommas

two words. mommy burnout. can I get an amen?! but, seriously, as I sit here, I think of all my mommy friends and wonder… why must we all pretend to be perfect? why do we feel like we need to be everything for everyone? before I get ahead of myself, I need to say something. I have lost my ever-loving mind. really, I have. ask my husband. I think after children, spread in ages as far apart as the east is from the west, it was bound to happen. hormones and tantrums. and that’s just me. ha! well, as true as that may seem to be, i’m talking about my daughters. three of them. all so very special and all loved so very much. but, let’s face it, life, as I once knew it, is so far long gone that I barely can see the blurry edge of it. in my brief moments of daydreams, I find myself on a deserted beach, soft breeze on my skin and no laundry to do or dinner to cook. and, of course, coffee. or a frappe. or both. so back to the beginning thoughts… why do us moms feel guilty for feeling these things? we are told to be selfless and giving. i mean, that’s what mother’s day is about, right?… celebrating motherhood and all we sacrifice. but does it really have to be a 24/7 thing? obviously, motherhood never ends. i’m questioning the constant giving without breathing. and if we DO take a minute to ourselves, can all of us mommas just join in and say “yay!” to each other? yes? ok, great! whew! working, not working… cooking, ordering out… big children, little children… mommas come in all shapes and sizes and our lives are so very different. but… guess what?! it doesn’t make one better or worse, right or wrong. it just makes us moms. perfectly imperfect.


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