a choice and a prayer

seeing the silver lining is not as easy as it seems in the movies. or in books. or in someone else’s story. I can see the positive side in most situations… in somebody else’s dilemma. not my own. today was a day like that. it poured down rain today. figuratively speaking. although, it did , in fact, rain outside. as I took a minute to reflect on the day (mid-day, as it were) in a ten minute period of time (the ONLY time I had to myself on this rainy, blessed day), I prayed. I think God can be real with me. I don’t think I need to speak “christianese” for God to hear me. so.. I basically said to Him, “God… really?! This day just sucks. can you show me the positive side to life in this day? I need a silver lining. big time.” and then I added, “please give me a thankful heart..”.

and He did.

He gave me a thankful heart. not because of my situation, but because of my outlook. I was able to choose thankfulness and joy. choose. a choice.

and a prayer.


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