being inspired. motivated. these are things that get us moving toward things we’d love to see ourselves doing, but as soon as that inspiration stops or the motivation wanes, the things we were doing fade away as well. it’s why a lot of women tend to not be as devoted to devotions and spending quality time with God. i’m sure most of us talk to Him often (umm… we are moms.. how does one survive the day without conversation with Him? or maybe pleading for the day to go faster? or quite possibly begging for a potty break alone?.. yeah, just being real here.). BUT do we take the time to actually listen? hear His voice? i will be the first to admit that it often takes motivation. or… dare i say.. trials. yikes. yep.. if we begin to veer away from the time of growth we so desperately need, He will search us out and bring us back to Himself. tell ya what, i’d much rather choose to spend this daily time then to wait for motivation or trials. i like to spend time just resting in Him… but i also enjoy the studying of His Word. i feel like both are important…. as well as the ongoing conversation all day.

how do you spend time with the Father?


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