life update.. for such a time as this

the season has officially changed and we are now embarking on Autumn. it’s so strange because I truly feel that time is going faster as each year passes. does this make me old? don’t answer that…

I am so thankful for a life so full that I haven’t had time to write. but I miss it.. I love to write. you will be happy to know that my time has been well spent though. family, fun, chores (of course), lots of memories… it all made for a wonderful summer. and then some big changes were made. some already in the works, some already visited previously, and some brand new. overall, it has been a life change for me. here’s why…


yes, that’s us. a homeschooling family. sure, we’ve homeschooled on and off throughout the years for various reasons, but this year is different (aren’t they all?!). but no, really, this one is. my oldest is graduating early and doubling up to finish by late spring (her leaving the nest is a whole other blog… one in which I may or may not blubber and whine. we’ll see. I know you can’t wait for that one.). My middle daughter is in 7th grade (can you say MIDDLE SCHOOL?!… she’s very independent with her work but the teaching of “life” is … well… ya know… i’d rather just spare her the gory details of what the “real world” life is all about.). In other words, to sum up my older two, i’d like to just put them in a bubble and shield them from what’s in front of them. BUT I know that ‘love’ wouldn’t do that. they are spreading their wings, and I get to be along for the ride to watch them soar. what a gift they are to me! Lastly, my 3 year old (who will be 4 in a few short weeks) is really a 16 year old trapped in a tiny body. I kid you not. she is smarter than me most days. needless to say, I am teaching her things that I hadn’t planned to for at least another year or two. she may be teaching me before the year is over.. I will keep you posted. my daughters are gems… really, they are. that in itself is the reason I love that we are all home together. doing life together. learning, loving and growing. together. key word.. together. it’s what God has called our family to for now. I hope that I am brave enough to let Jesus lead me and open enough to have a teachable heart. I pray that this year (seemingly the last we’ll all be under one roof for a time like this) is a special one… one that is full of leaning on one another and growing in our faith and learning how to love wholly and completely. this is a gift. and I don’t take it for granted.


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