making your home a haven

life. craziness in life. can you relate??

there have been so many seasons for me in life… winter, spring, summer, fall, spring, winter, fall, winter, spring, fall… you get the idea.. and this could be all in one month! or week. okay, maybe in a day. yes.. probably each day has that many seasons.  ups, downs and indifference. but one thing that I have learned in my 38 years is that I hold the key to the seasons in my home.

have I lost you with that last statement? hang with me…

God has been showing me through the years what my role is in my home. wife, mother, teacher, cheerleader, but most of all, keeper of the peace. we women have such a crucial role in our homes. I was watching a friend on periscope last night and she put it really well… something like “we are the temperature of our home”.  ya know, the old saying “if momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”.. aside from the horrific grammar in that phrase (it’s killing me to not correct it!), it is very true. I spent the summer studying what God’s word has to say about a wife’s role and then a mother’s role… ultimately, the woman God created me to be in this world (start with Proverbs 31).

I’ve learned that it begins in our hearts, fellow wives and mommas!

…and then presents outwardly into our home and lastly the (non-family) people around us. I think we so often get these priorities mixed up and begin to desire approval from people outside of these 4 walls (the home) and, sadly, our husbands and children come last. our energy is depleted by the time we get to them. no wonder our homes are chaotic and crazy!

i am doing a “fall challenge” and it really stems from all that my heart has been pondering for the last few years. a wonderful woman Courtney Joseph ( challenges us as women to make our home a “haven”. I love it!! they are things i already implement in our home, but she coincides it with the Fruit of the Spirit focusing on bringing peace into our homes… praying for peace. it is so important that we cultivate a home that is a safe place.. a haven.. for our husbands and children. in some cases, they (and sometimes you!) have been out in this world all day and are constantly bombarded with the world’s “junk” and for them to be able to come home to refuel and just ‘be’, is a gift to them! serving our husbands (and children next) is our calling. it just is. i’m sure some will argue this fact, but the Bible is clear that we spend time with our Father to fuel us, and then it can overflow to our family.

feeling like you have nothing left to give? maybe it’s time to refuel and let our Heavenly Father fill you! i am the first to tell you that it’s not always first on my list of things to do, but i want it to be the first on the list of things i GET to do. and then…. AND THEN… we will be better equipped to be who we were created to be.


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