and on the seventh day


we all need to be refreshed and refueled. every. one. of. us. even GOD.

as a matter of fact, it is very clear in the Word how important rest is.

“The words: ‘On the seventh day God finished His work’ (Genesis 2:2), seem to be a puzzle… We would surely expect the Bible to tell us that on the sixth day God finished His work…… After six days of creation — what did the universe still lack? Rest… the Sabbath.” (Rabbi Heschel from his book “The Sabbath: Its Meaning for Modern Man)

Hmm.. interesting. part of creation was rest. it wasn’t complete without it. God may call us to a variety of ministries, but He wants us to rest.

“Rest was the capstone of creation and without it the universe would be incomplete.” (Priscilla Shrirer from her book “Breathe – Making Room for Sabbath”)

in other words, he was not just hanging out or lounging around. on that seventh day he created peace, tranquility. if we truly value God’s creation, why do we leave this last part out? why is it a negative thing in our society? so many spend time doing things that are not lasting… (a whole other blog because we need to chose our activities wisely with an eternal mindset…. oh how we get caught up in this world and it’s ways!).

our lives need margin, just as businesses need margin. it leaves room for growth and opportunities. and in our family’s prospective, it creates time for memories and drawing closeness. from a personal prospective, it creates time for personal growth, closeness with THE Creator… and time for Him to pour into us so we, as mommas, can pour into our husbands, children and then others.

I don’t know about you, but when I don’t refuel, I feel burnt out and running on empty! I am also an introvert, which many extroverts don’t “get”…. but it is imperative to refuel with time alone…peace, tranquility. I am blessed with a husband that understands that, but life doesn’t always allow for him to give that time to me. he’s a very busy guy. we don’t have family or friends that we can turn to for help, but I have to say, this causes us to draw ever so close to our Father. we are forced to depend on Him to refresh us and give us that rest. while I may not get the physical rest I crave/need, as I continue to follow His leading and pour into others, He blesses and refreshes.

obedience and blessing go hand in hand. hear me when I say this… we do not obey in order to be blessed. we are blessed BECAUSE we obey.

rest in Him, fellow mommas. He will restore and bless as you obey Him.


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