(somewhat) early morning ramblings

**Disclaimer** the original purpose of this post was completely different than what it ended up being… and, therefore, further proves what is written in the following. enjoy. ha

I used to be a morning person. no, really, I was. I am not sure how that is even possible. this all changed exactly 4 years ago with the birth of my third daughter. I guess I got tired. and old. I wasn’t old until then.

**just for the record, I am writing in the morning, so already I am rambling… so, you see what I mean? mornings are evil. well, coffee sort of combats the evilness. sort of.

all that being said, I also used to be organized. before you jump to the (horrid) conclusions that I no longer am, rest assured, I am, indeed, organized. I just used to be over-the-top really, annoyingly organized. you know, the kind of person that wants to organize other people’s home… just for the fun of it.

I have a confession.

I don’t want to organize your home. not anymore. i don’t even want to organize my own home (gasp!). it really is appalling to admit. and somewhat humbling. so here’s my backstory: I’m a 38 year old homeschooling mom of 3. but don’t let that fool you. that isn’t the reason for my current change of status. i will tell you the reason. it’s really quite simple. I’m getting older. Ta-da! yes, i am

… and that’s okay with me

i may not be super organized anymore (or have the time and energy to try), and I may not be a morning person as of late (or afternoon person… or evening person… or night person… wait, what am i?! is there a name for this condition?), BUT i am happy. happier in my skin, happier with being who God created me to be. happy to be real. happy with my choices (umm… usually). happy that i can just do life with my people here in these four walls.

there have been many lessons learned along the way… that has brought me here (and brought me to this cup of coffee i have sitting next to my laptop), but i have to admit, i am thankful for each tough lesson because it has formed me into who i am. oh, i am sure there are far many more lessons coming (deep breath), but i say…bring it!

Give me Jesus and give me coffee… and i’m ready to roll.


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