even if

mommy, watch me!”

how many times do we hear that in any given day?

i can tell you that those very words are not taken for granted in my heart. i am all too aware at the beauty that they hold.

mom, can i wear a little mascara?”

the day had come and i agreed it made her eyes look brighter somehow.

hey mom, can you just drop me off at the door please?”

*heart sinks* …. of course but please be careful, my daughter.

mom, i think i really like this boy….” as we drink coffee together (coffee. together.)

*deep breath* you are beautiful on the outside, but even more on the inside, sweetheart.

momma, i’d like you to go with me to visit a college i’m praying about…”

*look up at the ceiling so i don’t cry* … maybe one tear (or two) slip out. yes, i will pray along side you to know God’s leading. even if that means you move across the country.

even if.

mommy, watch me!”…. i will watch you, my beautiful daughter… i will watch you, whether near or far… i will watch you follow God wherever He may lead you…

i promise…                even if….


3 thoughts on “even if

  1. Oh my goodness this was so good! ☺ makes me think of how I need to set aside what I’m doing when they say “Mom…” & listen to them. Because before we know it they will be leaving the house 😔 Thank you Jana, this really touched my heart! 😊😊 Just what I needed…


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