comparison. alone. emotional wars. emptiness. judgment. betrayal.

all words that make me cringe. things that are apart of this world… apart of life.

today I can pretty much say that I experienced all of these things in the course of two hours. I am not going to whine and cry (this time anyway. ha.)… no, i’m just going to be mad. yes, mad. i’m tired of being sad, of feeling hurt. so, just for a minute, mad is what i’ll be.

but then.

but then I am going to put on my big girl panties, shake it off and run to the One who holds me. because, let’s face it, this is life. and it happens. if I sat and cried and covered up my head each time, i’d probably become a hermit (which, by the way, sounds extremely appealing at the moment).

and so… I put one foot in front of the other… toward Hope.

and if I can’t take that first step, I reach out my hand. sometimes, I reach far and with desperation. other times, it’s just a slight movement toward reaching. either way, it’s my small step of faith… reaching for the One who knows me. the One who is constant. the One who hears and sees it all.

so, my friend, on those days or in those moments where you feel alone or feel invisible…whether you are in a grocery store surrounded by strangers or in your church surrounded by familiar… wherever you may find yourself, reach out to hope.

because… Jesus.


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