once a month food shopping

once a month food shopping.

it’s an actual “thing”… did you know this? i found a few many ideas about it online. i know this because i spent many hours researching the whole idea. my journey to be more frugal has led me here. wherever “here” is.

the idea intrigues me.

my hang-up with it all is the lack of storage for the many items in the beginning weeks.

we have a good size pantry, but if i put it all in there, i have a feeling that my family will devour eat it and it will not be there for said meal plan. we also have an extra freezer, but i am sure the food won’t fit…oh, and it’s all the way in the cold and unfinished part of our basement. yes, that’s a reasonable reason.

as you can see, the jury is still out on if i will attempt this….so i’d love to hear your thoughts.

have you tried this method of shopping/planning? if so, what did you like/not like about it? if you haven’t tried it, why not?

help!  pretty please?….


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