Mary’s Example

she was young and vulnerable. she loved God with all her heart. but most importantly, she was chosen.

chosen. hand-picked by God.

it’s hard for me to imagine or put myself in her place. she was likely 16 or so. while that age at that time doesn’t resemble that age now, i still have a tough time wrapping my head around what it must’ve felt like for her.

if it were me, i’d be a basket case. no, really, i’m sure that’s why God chose Mary to carry His SON. but i still can’t help but feel like she struggled with emotions that we’d struggle with, had WE been chosen. fear, loneliness, nervous, doubt, confusion… yet also, excitement, wonder, peace…

but God knew she could handle it. not because she was perfect, but because she trusted Him to give her what she needed, when she needed it.

do we do that?

or do we tend to feel called to something, only to dismiss it thinking we are incapable, unworthy, or inexperienced? Mary could’ve easily had that response.

but she didn’t.

in this world, we long for people to look up to… ones that can be an example of what a “Christ-like” woman looks like…here is one we can look to.

when God asks something of us that may seem to be a challenge, we can recall this story and know that He has bigger plans to glorify Himself through the calling… and He knows that we are able…through Him.. to do it. we just need to only trust Him.

i’m sitting here thinking of the times i missed His calling all because i didn’t feel capable. really?! yikes. my desire is to honor God and do what He wants me to do, yet, when that actually happens, do i trust in myself (or lack thereof) and decide not to do it? usually.

how sad. because… all i needed to do was trust in Him.

if He calls us to it, He will carry us through it.



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