what is your word?

i have heard so many people doing away with resolutions this year. and i don’t blame them. how many times do we set ourselves up for failure by making our inspirational, and often unattainable, lists.

each new year, i try to look back over the previous year and evaluate how i did with my resolutions. and guess what… most of the time, i cannot even recall what i resolved to do, change or improve. please tell me i’m not alone. because if i am, then my new resolve will be to remember my resolutions. and my #2 will be to not quit my day job to become a comedian…. because, well, you know, that wasn’t funny. get it? no? yeah… moving on…

in place of resolutions, some of my friends have been coming up with a word for the new year. just one word. fantastic! i can remember one word. maybe.

i decided to think about doing this and i felt like there was much value in this idea. so i prayed and thought for a while…weeks even. one word was consistently returning to my heart.

it speaks life to my soul. it teaches me and reminds me. it comforts me. it convicts me. it strengthens me. it’s what i didn’t deserve. it’s what i want to give. i want to show this… to myself and others. it calms me. it brings clarity.

one word. one word taken from THE Word. something that my Jesus emulated so well.


what is your word?


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