let’s face it, when you have little ones, the days seem to feel like they last forever. and then longer than forever. trust me, i’ve been there. i AM there.

my story is a little different in that i have been “there” and then i wasn’t… and then, TA-DA! i am “there” again. my older two finally had hit the independent ages (pre teen) and i was able to breathe a sigh of relief. and God blessed us with another little one.

*disclaimer: i do not wish these precious years away.. in fact, i treasure each blessed moment.

**above disclaimer is for the people who aren’t parents {yet} or who think they can pretend to not be phased by the years without sleep or days where you can’t seem to even remember to look out the window to see that it has been… umm snowing all week and, wait, there’s a foot of snow out there?! … and, yes, that has happened to me.

we mommas tend to get lost in our bubble of mommyhood.. and it is a real word, ya’ll. (i am not from the south, but it felt like some sort of southern drawl needed to come out in there.)

so, while i am in the thick of mommyhood (yet again), let me tell you… this time around isn’t as daunting as it was the first time. it could be all the amounts of coffee i consume now (i was insane and didn’t think i needed coffee back in the day. i know…crazy) but i can tell you in a clear-minded manner (i had another pot cup of coffee today) that the years go by quickly.

let me be clear, i am in no way diminishing the way it feels to not see the light of the end of the tunnel… as fuzzy as it may seem. i absolutely adore being a mommy. more than anything else, actually. but mommyhood is tough, i tell you. it’s definitely a growing experience. while it is a beautiful experience, it is hard. did i mention it’s hard?

i am here to tell you that it will not be this way forever. as a matter of fact, the very thought of how quickly it happened in our house sends me to the tissue box. i kid you not. God has given me an opportunity to be thankful as i sit and watch my now 4 year old learn and grow and try to grow faster than i would like her to.

but it’s going to happen.

and these days? ya know, the ones that seem to never end because you’ve run out of ideas… or patience… or energy..?

they pass.

and then there will be a day where you realize that the cuddles come less often. the play times aren’t as long. they begin to spend more time in their rooms… or not home at all.

and you think to yourself… where is mommyhood? and all of those hours of wiping noses, breaking up fights and giving baths are a distant memory.

so…hang in there, momma. this {temporary} job that God has blessed you with is an important one. one that is noticed. one that is priceless.

and you are doing a great job!

i read this quote somewhere and use it often because i know it to be very true:

the days are long, but the years are short.


2 thoughts on “mommyhood

  1. Yep!! The mommy years with littles feel like they last forever and at the same time they’re over in an instant. I’m still there, and it’s so hard, and then I look at my now 4 year old and I miss her itty bitty baby snuggles so much. Motherhood is such a weird thing! Great post! ❤


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