all things new.

I love spring…it’s my favorite season. it’s like all of nature gets a do-over. a new beginning. I love that.

flip flops. longer days. vacations. sunscreen. picnics. long walks.

trees birth new leaves, grass comes back to life.

birds return to our trees singing their song and announcing the warmer weather.

standing outside, breathing in air that even seems new, almost “births” new life into my being.

it is fitting that we celebrate Jesus’ death and resurrection in this season. another reminder of all things new… new life in Him. second chances.

sometimes our lives are like seasons. in the summer, things get a little uncomfortably hot… we complain and whine about the very heat we longed for all year. then autumn arrives and things cool down… and we marvel at the beauty of the colors. BUT what we don’t notice is that it means things are dying. before we know it, all the beauty fades and dies. things look gloomy and empty for while…until…. the pure white snow falls from the sky, coating the earth with sparkling diamonds. again, we are overwhelmed with the glorious beauty it brings. the cold months last long, yet the days are short. animals hibernate and sometimes so do I. ha.

and then…just when it seems like the winter season will never end, we hear a bird chirp… and a bit of hope emerges… it’s SPRING.

some people call life a rollercoaster. up and down and all around. i guess i prefer to compare it to seasons… seasons of emptiness, seasons of hope, seasons full of life, seasons that seem to drag on.

so as i walked around my yard today, listening to the birds and breathing in the fresh (warmer) air, i am reminded that life is always changing…it will never be spring all the time. without the changes of seasons, we’d not have the hope to keep moving forward. to keep getting out of bed each day. to be able to face whatever the day brings.

hope. hope in Jesus that offers life eternal.







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